Clare Barton

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about me

I come from the public library world with a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science, but I got hooked on coding and I haven't looked back since. I enrolled in the DigitalCrafts Fullstack Immersive Bootcamp in September of 2018 and graduated in January of 2019. My past experience means that I bring a wealth of customer service (internal and external), research, teaching, troubleshooting, and communication skills to a new position. But most of all, I am enthusiastic about writing efficient and elegant code, and every new language and method I learn just makes me want to dig deeper. I am a member of Women Who Code Atlanta and Code4Lib. I enjoy volunteering and had an amazing weekend building websites in WordPress at the 48in48 Super Service Event in Atlanta, January 25-27, 2019. Other personal interests include my family, reading, knitting, movies, walking, hiking, and chocolate.

technologies I use:












lender-be project website


A fullstack group project for DigitalCrafts, Lender-Be is a site for lenders and borrowers to connect and lend or borrow anything they might have around the house that someone would be willing to lend or need to borrow. (With thanks to Shakespeare/Polonius for the name.) We used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Node.JS, and Express. Check it out on GitHub.

dishbook landing page


This was a group mini-React project for DigitalCrafts, built using HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React, and React Router. Each page has a unique API call, moving between pages is done with React Router, and the inner recipe page has an actual working recipe. It was a fun little project. Check it out on GitHub.

musicpal landing page


This was my final, group project for DigitalCrafts, built using HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Node.js, Express, React, and React Router. We used two different music APIs and built a database so that users could look for events and musical artists and add them to their user profile, and then connect with other users based on their musical tastes. This project enabled us to really dig into React! Check it out on GitHub and a demo on YouTube.